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We've been doing IT since 1998. Thank you for the past 20 great years!

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Firebug Studios is a web hosting company that concentrates on Small to Medium businesses.  We provide different levels of hosting (many do-it-yourself options all the way to someone else do it for me), and we do offer “a la carte” options if our predefined levels below do not fit your needs.  Please feel free to contact us for a quote.

There are a lot of choices when it comes to paying for a website provider.  Please consider the following value add when using our products:

  1. Low cost options.
  2. Our servers are hosted in sunny Florida, with a business that has been supporting servers since 2002.  We signed up with them in 2006.
  3. You have our SUPPORT – no emails that are not answered or phone calls to other countries.
  4. We work with a website developer with many years experience, that has been supporting small businesses for a number of years.  You can look at their portfolio here:  Sunflower Web Design
  5. You can grow to that next level when you are ready.  Want to add a shopping cart or digital content?  We can add that on to your existing account with us.
  6. Free shared SSL certificate, just let us know if you’d like it.