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Firebug provides video solutions.  Light up your world with the Firebug!

We are singularly focused on converging creativity and technology to help businesses effortlessly and affordably reach the widest possible audience with the highest quality and most compelling video found anywhere. This sole focus on video gives us a distinct advantage in helping businesses succeed.

Motivate prospects to buy.  Communicate what makes your business different. Demonstrate how your products work. Educate customers and employees. The ability of video to improve business is the reason it is rapidly becoming a critical component of business communications.

No medium (phone, print or web) can deliver your message as efficiently and effectively as video!

Creativity with Technology

Firebug helps corporations and organizations communicate. We make the complex simple and the ordinary extraordinary.

 The Firebug team is dedicated to creating video delivery tools.  We maximize our client’s reach and effectiveness.

 Firebug finds new and innovative ways for businesses to use video to motivate, communicate, demonstrate and educate.  We change the face of communications by initiating creative concepts and developing existing ideas through the use of video.

 Whether onsite or in house, Firebug’s talented staff has proven writing, production, editing, and distribution skills that can deliver a great product from concept to completion. We also offer a wide range of pricing packages, making us affordable for just about any budget.

 Motivate your audience to connect with you and your product … bringing them close enough to touch it, understand it and believe in it.

Experts agree -- video has become a “must have” marketing
and communications tool.
“A short video can be worth a thousand PowerPoint slides!” – Harvard University.

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